Western States Honors Orchestra

Western States Honor Orchestra

URGENT DEADLINE: Wed 9/7 at 9a

Each student who auditions for Western States (WSHO) needs to complete and sign an application form (located on the WSHO site).  Parents also need to sign these forms, and the application fee of $25 should be attached (checks should be made payable to UNC Orchestras).

  • Forms and fees are due to Terrie Tyree by this Wednesday, September, 7th,  9am.  Terrie will get Dr. Lasansky’s & Mr. Kohut’s signatures and will mail all materials and recordings to WSHO as a group.
  • Recordings must be emailed to Enrique_Lasansky@dpsk12.org by Sept. 14, by 3pm.  This year you will be responsible for making your own mp3 according to the guidelines found at 


(If forms are late you will be responsible for obtaining signatures and mailing to WSHO by the September 16, 2016 deadline.)

In addition, if off-campus forms have not been completed, please complete them as soon as possible.