Week of September 3rd, 2017

Summary Headlines – Please Read

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  • High School: Western States Honor Orchestra Audition Entry Forms are DUE THIS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER, 6TH, 2017 BY 11:00AM
  • Mandatory Travel Meetings for Parents: Tuesday, Sept. 5
  • New music online!  Print a copy of your part at home to practice.  Contact Terrie Tyree if you do not have access to a printer. We cannot thank our webmaster, Anne Sarsen, enough for undertaking a major overhaul of our website and already uploading a ton of music!  Please note the new download password in the attached file (CLICK HERE).
  • Parents and students, please read and acknowledge the handbook (CLICK HERE) as soon as possible.
  • Placement audition materials below: Preliminary auditions Sept. 5-7
  • Wombat pictures requested
  • High school full orchestra rehearsal and performance schedule attached.
    • Students are encouraged to start practicing hard and listening to the pieces listed in the attachment, because this is going to be an intense year!
  • Volunteer 2017-2018 position openings below.  Every little bit that you can do helps keep our DSAO program going strong!
  • Make sure that you like and share the DSAO Facebook page, especially when we have upcoming events!

TO-DO Week of September 3, 2017

  • Tues. Sept. 5-Thurs. Sept. 7: Preliminary Auditions
  • Tues. Sept. 5: Mandatory Travel Meetings for Parents
    • 6:00-6:45p Middle School Parents
    • 7:00-7:45 High School Parents
  • Sat. Sept. 9, 5p (5:30p performance): (High School) Gala Night!
    • High school orchestra students are required to perform for the annual DSA Fall Gala.  Please arrive by 5p in concert attire.

Upcoming Events

  •  Sept 13thHigh School Western State Audition materials Due to Dr. L (Click Here)
  • Thurs. Oct. 5, 12p: High School Orchestra Concert at UC Anschutz Medical Center
  • Sun. Oct. 8: Friends of Chamber Music Free Family Concert
  • Please click here for the 2017-2018 schedule (the full schedule is also at the bottom of the newsletter).  As events get closer they will be displayed in this section.  Please check this space for any revisions as the year gets closer.
  • Middle and high school preparing for a memorable year of events!
    • Middle School Collaboration with DYAO:

      Oct 24
      Concert Hall
      5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

      Oct 30
      Concert Hall Rehearsal 5p
      Pizza 6p
      Concert 7:00 pm

    • Full Orchestra will attend the CMEA Conference as an Honor Performing Group
      • All three orchestras were chosen, but Dr. L has selected the full orchestra to participate.
      • Jan. 25, 2018: pre-CMEA lunch and concert with CU Boulder Orchestra
      • Jan 25 – Jan 27: CMEA at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs
    • March 1-11, 2018High School Competes in Orchestra Cup, New York, and then travels to Atlanta for ASTA National Orchestra Festival
    • March 8-11Middle School at ASTA, Atlanta


Western States Honor Orchestra DEADLINE

Wed 9/6 at 11a


Please turn in your Audition Entry Form, along with your $25 audition fee (checks payable to UNC Orchestras, cash in envelopes with your name) to the “Forms” bin on the table in the orchestra room no later than 11:00am on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.  Forms need to be signed by  the student, parent(s), Dr. Lasansky and Mr. Kohut, which is why we they are turned into us early.

Terrie Tyree will take care of getting Dr. Lasansky & Mr. Kohut’s signatures, and mail them all together so that they are received by UNC by the deadline.  If you do not have your form into the “forms” bin or Ms. Tyree by 11:00 on September 6th, you will have to get the signatures and mail yourself.

AUDITION FILES are due to Dr. Lasansky via Dropbox (we will send you an invite from Dropbox to do this) by September 13, 2017.   Please be sure to read the requirements on the order of the music, and how to name your file on the Western States website.

In addition, if off-campus forms have not been completed, please complete them as soon as possible.  Instructions are at the bottom of this email.

DSAO 2017-18: New and Returning Students
Sept. 5-7

Every student should be prepared for their audition first thing Tuesday morning.  However, you can’t all be first, so please be patient!  🙂

We appreciate you all for being ready, and helping us move through this process smoothly.
Thank you!

Middle School:

We will be starting with students in 6th & 7th grade (not necessarily in that order) and moving to 8th grade if there is time.  However, 8th graders will be auditioning during their Chamber class in order to get all auditions completed asap.

For new and existing middle school students, prepare a solo piece of your choice along with one major scale, one melodic minor scale (two octaves with 0-3 sharps or flats), and one two-octave chromatic scale. Three octave scales are optional. Sight reading will round out the audition.

High School:

Please prepare the material for Western States and All-State Orchestra at: http://arts.unco.edu/music/festivals-workshops/honor-orchestra/
Auditions consists of scales, orchestral excerpts and a solo piece such as a concerto, sonata or other pieces demonstrating lyric and technical abilities. Sight reading will also be included. Please make sure you have listened carefully to the pieces from which the orchestral excerpts are taken from so that you know the tempi and style!

Those in Chamber class will audition during that class.  All others will be during Orchestra.  If you have a free period, or are available at another time during the day, please let us know and we will try to fit you in if possible.

Dr. Lasansky

DSAO’s Amazing Travel Opportunities in 2018
Mandatory Parent Meetings

Date: Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Time: 6:00-6:45 PM – Middle School parents
Time: 7:00-7:45 – High School parents
Required: Please bring a $50 deposit 

As promised at the end of last year and in our intro letter a couple of weeks ago, the Travel Committee will present further details regarding the trips to New York (High School) and Atlanta (Middle and High School). We will provide information on the developing itinerary, flights, payment plans, and chaperone requirements and application process. We will also review the scholarship application process and deadlines for those seeking assistance with travel payments due to hardship. 

These are wonderful opportunities for our students and we want everyone to be able to attend! We look forward to seeing you at DSA – location will either be the Concert Hall or our Orchestra Room. Also, please note even if you have a child in each program-Middle and High School – we will have separate meetings to discuss each itinerary so your attendance will be required at both to gather all the necessary information. Thank you!

-Deirdre Oss, Sharon Felser, and Suzi Ericksen-Travel Committee

Wombat Pictures!

Thanks to all the parents who helped make Wombat a success! If you took pictures during the event, please upload them to Dropbox 

2017-2018 DSAO Volunteer Positions

Please take a look at the sign-up for 2017-2018  and reply to this email if you have any questions about roles and responsibilities.

2017-2018 Concert Ushers

This is a great way to meet and greet Orchestra concert attendees-many of them orchestra families but also people who are new to DSAO performances. Once signed up (CLICK HERE), you will be on a contact list for our House Manager Julie Padilla to coordinate availability for each concert.

2017-2018 Concessions

Please sign up here!

We have concert dates throughout the year, and these are great opportunities to get in those volunteer hours and help out the orchestra in its fundraising tasks.  We need volunteers to manage the Concessions & Merchandise cash boxes and help sell DSAO merchandise.

There will be an instruction sheet for all concession volunteers, but the job is easy. You will need to arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the concerts to pick up the cash boxes from the box office (Beki Pineda), organize the concessions table with donated items, and organize the merchandise tables.

No contribution is too small.  Every minute of volunteer time is valuable and appreciated.

DSAO one of Fifteen Contestants
in the National Orchestra Championships

In the heart of New York City at the elegant Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, The Orchestra Cup – National Orchestra Championships is held annually to crown the top school orchestra in the nation.

Each performance is adjudicated by renowned orchestral professionals and educators from around the nation.  Every orchestra will receive recognition for their dedication and commitment to their art.  The Grand Champion is the recipient of the prestigious Orchestra Cup!

Full Orchestra Selected
Colorado Music Educators Association
Honor Performing Group

Thursday, Jan 25, 12:30pm

Jan 25 – Jan 27

From CMEA President Raleigh “Butch” Eversole:Congratulations to you and the DSA Advanced Full Orchestra from Denver School of the Arts for your selection as an “Honor Performing Group” for the 2018 CMEA Clinic/Conference!

We had 130 audition submissions this year, so it is truly an elite honor to be chosen for this exciting event.  The competition was quite strong and the quality very deep among the submissions received.  Over the next several months there will be apprehension, excitement and anticipation in preparing for your performance.  Whether it’s your first or tenth time to have a group chosen, I congratulate you and your students for a job well done.  Your work and quest for excellence is respected and honored by all music educators in Colorado!

DSAO HIgh School and Middle School Selected
for ASTA Competition

The National Orchestra Festival© is an annual festival held in conjunction with the ASTA National Conference. The NOF brings together orchestras from around the country to a single location in order to provide an unparalleled opportunity to receive placement, ratings, comments and education from leading clinicians and adjudicators in the industry.

Competitive groups perform for placement within their own division: Middle School, High School, or Youth Orchestra. The NOF has the opportunity for two Grand Champions, both of whom will play in the NOF Concert on Saturday, March 10, 2018.  There will be a Grand Champion for the Public School Division and one from the Private School/Youth Orchestra Division.

Complete Forms for off-campus activities

 Please note the Power of Attorney and Consent for Emergency Care forms, and a copy of the medical insurance card must be completed and turned in for each student any off-campus overnight trip/event, even those events where parents are in attendance.  The Power of Attorney form requires both parents to sign and is required to be notarized. You may find a notary at your local bank, or you may contact either Tracy Holt in the main office or Linda Vliet in the counseling office and ask if they can notarize for you.  Both parents must be present to sign if not already completed. Please date both forms for the entire school year so you only have to do this once.  Otherwise you have to complete both for all trips/events.  These forms are available on the DSAO website  (Click Here).  Please print, complete, have notarized and drop off in the orchestra forms box in the orchestra room.

For students who have medical conditions or who take medications (including over the counter medications), you need to contact the school nurse for the current school year forms for the trip (Please see forms link on website for these forms).  

DSAO King Soopers Fundraising

Dear DSAO Families,

With travel in our near future, we are excited to announce that the money we earn from our King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card fundraiser will now go into specific student travel accounts (based on card ownership & use) and will be used towards their Orchestra travel expenses.

Each time you reload your King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card (must be purchased through DSAO for $2.50 – which is the amount already loaded on the card), 5% of each reloading (up to $500) is awarded to DSAO, and we will track it for you and your student.  That is 5 cents on every dollar you spend without costing you anything!  Even a small amount can help when it comes time to pay for trips.  King Soopers sends DSAO a check each time the reloads reach $5,000 or more, and that is when your students travel account will be credited with the amount earned.  There is no cash value attached to the account, it is for DSAO fundraising only.  Funds may follow the student from year to year providing they stay in the Orchestra.  Once the student graduates, or leaves the Orchestra, the funds will be transferred to the DSAO travel scholarship fund, or may be transferred to a sibling within the Orchestra.  Funds are not issued to the departing student or family.

Cards may be used at any Kings Soopers and City Market stores and can be used for many types of purchases including groceries, prescriptions, and gasoline.  They cannot be used to purchase lottery tickets, stamps, money transactions, gift cards and other types of tickets.

Once you’ve purchased your card from DSAO, You simply give the card to your cashier before your purchases are scanned so the reloading is paid as a separate transaction (or you can do this at the Customer Service before making your purchases).  You pay for the reload amount by cash, check or credit card. You can then use the Gift Card to pay for your purchases at any checkout line or fuel center. You can reload again and again.   The more you use it, the more money is earned for your student.  The money on the card never expires: However, if your balance goes to zero and you don’t reload it within 90 days, the card becomes inactive. You would then need to get a new card from DSAO.  If you reload it after it is inactive, your student will not get credit for the reloads.

When DSAO plans a trip, and money is due, we will send you the balance in your students trip account to apply toward the amount due for that trip.

If you have questions please contact Terrie Tyree at tyreeworld@centurylink.net or Lisa Scheve at lbassow@comcast.net.

Thank you!


Fall Concert

Friday, Oct 6, 7pm
Saturday, Oct 7, 3pm

Fall Chamber Concert

Friday, Nov 17, 7pm

Winter Concert

Saturday, Dec 16, 7pm
Sunday, Dec 17th, 3pm

Spring Concert

Friday, Feb 23, 7pm
Saturday, Feb 24, 3pm

Spring Chamber Concert

Friday, Apr 27, 7pm

Spring Pops Concert

Saturday, May 12, 3pm
Sunday, May 13, 3pm