Week of October 23, 2016

Summary Headlines – Please Read!

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Upcoming Events

  • Thurs Nov. 3 – Sat Nov. 5: Western States Honor Orchestra
  •  Thurs Nov. 10: High School: Colorado All-State Auditions due
  • Thurs Nov. 17, 7:00 PM, Concert Hall: Chamber Music Concert
    • All DSAO students are required to attend
    • CLICK HERE to purchase tickets as the date approaches.
    • 6:15p: Students should be present, in concert attire and tuning.  Please see handbook for information.
    • Thank you to all who have signed up as volunteer concession managers. If interested in volunteering for subsequent concerts, please CLICK HERE to sign up.
  • Thurs Dec 8, 10:30a, U C  Anschutz Medical Center: High School Concert for patients and staff
  • The full performance schedule is at the bottom of the newsletter.
  • New and returning students, make sure to review the concert requirements (attire, attendance, etc.) in the student handbook.

Homework Assignments

Please visit http://www.dsaorchestra.org for full assignment instructions.  Hover over “Students” and click appropriate Assignments page.  Orchestral music is also found at this location.  Please note that the new password is Debussy16.

Colorado All State Auditions Due November 10, 2016

The 2017 Colorado All State Orchestra will be held February 9th – 11th at CSU in Ft. Collins.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Colorado All State Orchestra (ASO) auditions are open to students in grades 10 -12.

Audition Submission Directions:

Audition materials are the same as they were for Western States Honor Orchestra, and can be found at www.coloradoallstateorchestra.org.  The student and the director share the responsibility to complete the audition registration by the deadline.  Please see the process below:

Recording Submission

Students must submit their audition recordings to Dr. Lasansky by November 10, 2016 as ONE.mp3 file to the Dropbox folder provided by Colorado ASO.  You will receive an email to join.  Dr. Lasansky will submit the files to ASO by the deadline of 5pm on November 14, 2016.

Student must label their files as StudentLastName_FirstName_School_Instrument.mp3

Audition Fee Payment/Form

The $25 audition fee can be paid online, or by mailed check payable to Colorado Music Educators Association (CMEA).  Checks must be postmarked by November 14th.  Please indicate the 4 digit PayPal confirmation number or check number on the Audition Registration form (online at www.coloradoallstateorchestra.org).  If mailing a check, please mail to:

Kyle Rupley

Colorado ASO Chair

Cherokee Trail High School

25901 E Arapahoe Rd

Aurora, CO 80016

You will need the following information for the registration form:

Director’s full name: Enrique Lasansky

Director’s phone: 520-780-0407

Director’s email: Enrique_lasansky@dpsk12.org

Director’s CMEA #: 000299964

High School Orchestra Events Coming Up!

From Dr: Lasansky:

1. DSA High School Orchestra has been invited to play a concert for patients and staff  at U C  Anschutz Medical Center  12/8/16 at 10:30 am.  We will have lunch at Stapleton after the concert. We need three chaperones to accompany us.

2. DSA High School Orchestra has also been selected  to play at the National Association of School Board Members (NASBM) at the Denver Convention Center on March 25-26. The exact time of the concert will be known in the next few weeks. Please check to see if you have any vacation plans or conflicts  during this period and let me know asap: enrique_lasansky@dpsk12.org.  This concert will be  required of all high school students in order for the event to be successful.

For information on the conference please go to: https://www.nsba.org/conferencehttps://www.nsba.org/conference

Dr. L

Members of the Moscow Quartet, joined by Anna Arzumanian, are so happy to invite you to attend to the concert of the Sonority Trio:

Anna Arzumanian (piano)
Eugenia Alikhanova (violin)
Olga Ogranovitch (cello)

Tickets at the door: cash or check



Beethoven– Piano Trio in B-flat major, Op.97 “Archduke”

Rachmaninoff – Trio élégiaque No.2 in D minor, Op.9

Colorado Chamber Players:
Jewish Sounds of Soviet Russia

The award-winning Colorado Chamber Players will be performing on the prestigious JAAMM Festival series this year at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center, 11/16/16, 7 p.m.,  and they have generously offered 50 tickets to the DSA community for $10 each.  DSA students, faculty and staff can use the code DSA10 after September 1st,  by calling the Mizel box office at 303-316-6360 or by going online at:  http://maccjcc.org/. Tickets are usually $18/$20, this is a substantial discount for the DSA community.

Elaine Wolf Theatre
$20 Adult, $18 Student/Senior (non-discount price)

Jewish and Yiddish music have always found their way into Russian music. The role of Jewish composers in Russia changed dramatically after the rise of Stalin and after World War II.  While Jewish music was officially banned (or declared non-existent) after World War II, many composers continued to incorporate Jewish themes into their pieces.

Russian composers Dmitri Shostakovich and Sergei Prokofiev and Jewish composers Mieczyslaw Weinberg and Mikhail Gnesin all managed to weave Ashkenazi Jewish folk music into their compositions, in spite of anti-Semitic repression under Stalin’s rule.  This evening’s program explores specific pieces with Jewish elements by these composers.  Colorado Chamber Players musicians offer spoken program notes.

Overture on Hebrew Themes, Sergei Prokofiev
Piano Quintet, op. 11, “Requiem”, Mikhail Gnesin
Excerpt, Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet, Igor Stravinsky
Excerpt from String Quartet no. 4, op. 83, Dmitri Shostakovich
Piano Quintet, op.18, Mieczyslaw Weinberg

Master Mentor/Visiting Artist Program

As we begin the school year, we wanted to remind you about the $350 fee,  per family,  for our Master Mentors program.  This is an expectation for all DSAO families.

For all of our new members of DSAO: we use this money throughout the year  to bring in a whole team of outstanding musicians to work with DSAO students. These mentors work with individual sections, coach chamber music, and sometimes work one on one with students. This  aspect of the  DSAO program is one of the main things that set us apart from other school orchestra programs and help us achieve the excellence we are accustomed to.

Contributions can be made by check or through the DSA Friends Foundation at www.dsafriends.org.  If you can’t make the payment all at once, please do so in monthly installments.   Please make checks payable to DSA Friends Foundation, and put “Orchestra family contribution” or “master mentor” in the memo line.

This is also a fantastic way for family and friends to support your student! Please pass along the dsafriends.org website link to those you know are interested in supporting our programs.

For further information, please visit the OFA Fundraising website.

Investing in DSAO

Attention Business Owners – Friends and Family!

Welcome to the new school year! As you head back to school, please consider promoting your business (or promoting your friend’s business) in this year’s DSAO concert programs. (CLICK HERE for brochure). Advertising money helps fund the orchestra program, and has the added bonus of helping our families and friends promote their businesses!

Ad Submittals: It’s incredibly easy to submit advertising artwork/logos/business cards via email to Mark Herlinger, our advertising and program graphic designer. If you need assistance designing your advertisement, Mark will help you with that too! For questions about graphic guidelines to submit advertisements, please contact markherlinger@gmail.com.

Payment: Via check – Once payment is received (please turn in checks to Tracy Holt, DSA Arts Secretary in the Front Office) the advertisement will be placed in the program which is printed for all major orchestra concerts throughout the year.

Buy groceries, support DSAO

Make sure you purchase a reloadable King Soopers card! It’s simple to get started with a $2.50 card.  Each time you reload the card, DSAO gets 5% back! No hidden costs!  Everyone buys groceries, so it a very easy way for friends and family to contribute as well. You may email Carol Fennell for information about purchasing a card, or pick up a card at the next concert’s concession table .

DSA is collecting Boxtops!

DSA receives free money for each box top turned in.  Please group the box tops in a bag or envelope, and mark them with “Orchestra” so that the funds will come to us.  The collection box is located in the main office.

Call for Volunteers

Congratulations to our students and Dr. L for such a wonderful Fall concert.  We volunteer our time as members of the DSA Orchestra family because of our concerts and the work required to help our kids grow in their understanding of, and passion for, music and art more generally.

It takes a village! Get to know your fellow DSAO parents and sign up to help out! Just a little time from you results in a MAJOR win for the DSAO!

Today, we are in particular need of volunteers for our Winter Silent Auction Coordination Team.

Welcome Melinda Kunzler, DSAO Family Association Volunteer Coordinator

The DSAO Family Association welcomes Melinda Kunzler as our new Volunteer Coordinator! She is responsible for ensuring all of the sign-ups and volunteer requests are up to date and she keeps an eye on where we need support. Our parent volunteers leading concessions, ushering, potlucks, the Winter Silent Auction, and other FUN-draising activities should first contact Melinda for any questions about adding sign-ups or sending out bulletins related to volunteer requests. You can reach Melinda at melinda_kunzler@email.com.

Volunteer Positions that help raise money for DSAO
And don’t take a lot of time!

Please go to this link to help out! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054ba9a92aa5f94-201620171

We need support for the following:

Winter Silent Auction Coordination Team

This is a wonderful event that is really fun to plan and set up, and lots of fun to watch in action at our first Winter concert in December!  Be part of the team! This team, led by Carol Fennell, will help organize our fun Winter Concert Silent Auction event. Please click on this link for the Winter Auction coordinator sign up:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054ba9a92aa5f94-201620171

Please see below for a full description of how all parents can contribute to our auction.

DSAO Merchandise Sales

We would like 2 volunteers who can help sell DSAO merchandise at our Concessions table. These volunteers will track inventory as they sell, and will turn in money to Beki Pineda in the Box Office at the end of the night. This is an easy job, and fun to sell DSAO spirit!

Second Annual Winter Orchestra Silent Auction coming…..

Saturday, December 10th

before and during the concert intermission

Do you have a special talent?  Does everyone rave about your homemade cheesecake?  Do you have memorabilia stuffed in a box in some closet collecting dust?  Do you own a condo that you could share for a weekend, or drive Uber, make art or tutor?

Consider donating your items, time (adults or students) and talent for our Winter Silent Auction. A few ideas might be…..cookie baking and decorating with kids, jewelry making workshop, cooking a meal, cooking lesson, jewelry handmade or jewelry no longer needed, artwork, sports memorabilia, babysitting, massage, give a lesson or mentor a student. Ask the concert hall, restaurant you frequent or the coffee shop you swing by each morning to donate a little something for our kids.   Items can be purchased, found or donated in the themes below (suggestions only) and will be put into baskets for the auction.

*We are asking that each family donate to our Orchestra Silent Auction.

Basket Themes by grades (You do NOT have to stick to these themes; these are to generate ideas!)

6th grade- Food/Restaurant- Fast food, slow food, cooking, gift certificates

7th grade- Movie night/ shopping

8th grade- Lottery

9th grade- Fitness, outdoor, indoor, spa

10th grade- It’s a wrap (holiday items, wrapping supplies, gift ideas)

11th grade- Travel

12th grade- Gardening