Week of May 22, 2016 


Graduation, May 24


  • Winter Auction Volunteers needed before year’s end. 3 spots left! 
    • Please please sign up here and send your name to Carol Fennell, Auction Coordinator, by email – We are looking for 5 excellent team members!
    • Thank you so much to all who have signed up to volunteer next year!  A few volunteer positions are still open, and so please consider a position that matches a skill or interest.  Many of these positions require only a relatively small amount of time, but are critical to keeping DSAO going as a great community!
  • Summer Viola Lessons with DSAO Graduate Ethan Durell

To-Do Week of May 22

  • Tues, May 24th: Graduation
    • 8:45a-12p: Rehearsal
      • required for all high school orchestra members (except seniors)
    • 4:15-6:15p: Graduation
      • Students must be present by 4:15p in concert dress
  • Wed, May 25th: Juries begin

Homework Assignments

  • Juries Begin Wednesday: The jury will consist of two scales (same requirements as DSA auditions-see website under:apply) and one movement of a major solo piece.

Graduation, May 24

High school orchestra graduation rehearsal is from 10:00 am – 11:00 am at the Buell Theatre.  Students will go by bus to and from rehearsal.  The bus will leave DSA at 8:45 and will be back by noon.

Graduation is at 5pm at the Buell Theatre.  Students need to be there by 4:15 in concert dress.  There will NOT be a bus to take the students there in the evening.  It is their, or their parents responsibility to get them there, and to get them home.  The graduation will last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.  You may want to consider carpooling, but this will need to be arranged by students and parents.


Congratulations to our Graduates!

Thank you so much to all of our graduating seniors for the part you have played in making DSAO what it is today.  All the best in whatever your future may hold, and we look forward to seeing you again for return visits!

Grayson Dixon
Julia Foran
Leah Froyd
Katherine Guerrero
Griffin Heikka
Keila Lara-Rivera
Ryan Mahon
Heather Mahon
Juan Medina
Benjamin Roberts
Colton Trigg
Jordan Walters

Fall Silent Auction…..Not so far away!

Looking for 5 excellent team members!

Hello All!

While we have summer on our brains right now, before we know it school will be starting and we will be gearing up for our second annual Fall Silent Auction! While you are spring (and summer) cleaning, hold on to those baskets or items that we could use for the auction!  Now that you have an idea of how it runs, be thinking of items that might work in a basket!

Also, if you are thinking of joining the Auction Committee, please sign up here 

Send me your name so that we can discuss ways to make this event even better!

Carol Fennell, carolfennellart@gmail.com, Auction Coordinator

DSAO Graduate Ethan Durell
Summer Viola Lessons

Ethan Durell, DSAO graduate and current  Eastman School of Music student, is offering viola lessons this summer at significantly reduced rates!

This is an excellent opportunity to improve your playing during the summer. Please contact Ethan at ethandurell@yahoo.com

All String Players (violin, viola, cello, and double bass) between the ages of 13 and 30 are welcome to audition.  Interested woodwind, horn and trumpet players may also audition for our programs that include winds.
The CYS is a chamber orchestra comprised of the finest middle school, high school, collegiate, and young professional string players in the region. We seek a complement of 16 violins, 8 violas, 6 celli, and 3 double basses, but will fill our roster with only the most highly qualified players.

The CYS presents three to four programs each season, with most programs being performed at least twice. This orchestra provides an opportunity to learn repertoire not usually programmed by larger ensembles, and may serve as a unique supplement to a full orchestra experience.

2016-2017 repertoire highlights will include:  Schubert Symphony #8 (Unfinished), Elgar and Dag Wiren Serenades, and music by Mendelssohn and Mozart We will also collaborate with eminent local artists in concerto appearances. Past guest soloists have included  Linda Wang, Ricardo Iznaola, Peter Cooper, Brook Ferguson, Claude Sim, Michael Thornton, and Yi Zhao.

For more information, application forms, or to request an audition time, please call 720-371-4145, or email bvendryes@msn.com. Auditions may also be made by appointment.

2016-2017 DSAO Volunteer Positions

The executive committee is getting a jump start in securing next year’s volunteer roles to ensure the new group gets together before the end of the year so they can plan for 2016-2017. On behalf of our executive committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our parents who have committed time to volunteer with DSAO this year-whether it is concessions, ushering, chaperoning, travel coordination, or community outreach, the effort has been amazing and none of it could happen with our our parents. Please take a look at the sign-up for 2016-2017  and contact me should you have any questions about roles and responsibilities.

With all the parents who’ve helped this year, we help lessen the burden for everyone and make it an enjoyable experience to be involved at DSA!

2016-2017 Fundraising Team Positions – Including Advertising and the 2016 Winter Auction Committee!

Also volunteer positions, this group is focused on fundraising activities that help support our Master Mentor and Visiting Artist program, master classes, and orchestra supplies not covered by the budget provided to our department by DPS. From concessions to auction organizing, we need your help and expertise! Given the wildly successful inaugural Winter Silent Auction masterfully organized by parent extraordinaire Carol Fennell , and our tremendous inaugural advertising efforts led by Chari Pashman and Anne Miller, we have a great start at establishing fundraising strategies and we want to gain traction.  Please visit SignUp Genius here and sign up to be part of this critical fundraising team. Specifically, if you have experience in advertising and marketing and connections with local businesses, this would be a great spot for you!

No contribution is too small.  Every minute of volunteer time is valuable and appreciated.

Master Mentor/Visiting Artist Program
Wrapping up 2015-2016 – Confirm your family’s donation here!

Dear DSAO parents ,

As you know we are very lucky to have a group of first-rate professional musicians (otherwise known as “Master Mentors”) who work with our students on a regular basis . This is one of the features of DSAO which distinguishes us from other schools in Colorado. As a result of this program our  students receive expert, detailed instruction on all the string instruments. Among other things, this permits our advanced orchestra to play professional level music and allows our middle school to play high school (and college level) music!

I wanted to remind you that we are totally dependent on each family contributing $350 to fund this program which is so crucial to our continued success. Please remember that we receive absolutely NO MONEY from the school district to fund Master Mentors.

So, if you have not made your payment, please do so at your earliest convenience. We are well into 2nd. semester preparations and need to pay the Mentors. As always we welcome spreading out the payments if you prefer this option. Please go to our website  (CLICK HERE) for instructions on making this payment
Thank you for all your support. I personally feel extremely lucky to be  working  at a school with  such amazing students and amazing parents!

Dr. Lasansky

We have a new email address dedicated ONLY to payment confirmations and inquiries as they relate to the exchange of money for orchestra-related activities including the orchestra family donation, travel and any additional fees that come up through the year. With all that our families are involved in, it is very easy to miss payments or forget if you even made one, so we want to have a dedicated place for questions/confirmations.

Please send an email to  dsaorchestrapayments@gmail.com to confirm whether or not your family has completed the 2015-2016 family contribution of $350 or more. We know roughly 48% of our families have completed this task, but this email will serve as a confirmation from you. Once we receive your email, we will check it against our records and contact you if there are any questions.

Also, please feel free to use this email to let us know if payments DUE (either now or still DUE for past trips, for instance) are on their way or if you need to discuss a payment plan.

Contributions can be made by check or through the DSA Friends Foundation at www.dsafriends.org.  If you can’t make the payment all at once, please do so in monthly installments.   Please make checks payable to DSA Friends Foundation, and put “Orchestra family contribution” or “master mentor” in the memo line.  Please give checks to Tracy Holt in the main office.

This is also a fantastic way for family and friends to support your student! Please pass along the dsafriends.org website link to those you know are interested in supporting our programs.

For further information, please visit the OFA Fundraising website.

Investing in DSAO

Advertising in the Concert Brochure

We’d love your help to secure community support for DSAO visiting artists and travel!  If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, check out our updated concert ad brochure.  Businesses or families can take out ads that appear for the entire season (4 concerts) or just once as a note of congratulations.
Please put “Advertising”  in the subject line and contact Chari Pashman at kcdawg@comcast.net.  This is also a good way to put a personal message of congratulations for your student, to be displayed in the program.

Schedule a House Party

Schedule a house party featuring DSAO musicians and ask the attendees to support  this year’s trips.  It’s a fun and easy way to introduce friends, family and community to the excellence of our program and could garner DSAO fans for years to come.

 Buy groceries, support DSAO

Make sure you purchase a reloadable King Soopers card! It’s simple to get started with a $2.50 card.  Each time you reload the card, DSAO gets 5% back! Everyone buys groceries, so it a very easy way for friends and family to contribute as well. You may email Carol Fennell for information about purchasing a card.

DSA is collecting Boxtops!

DSA receives free money for each box top turned in.  Please group the box tops in a bag or envelope, and mark them with “Orchestra” so that the funds will come to us.  The collection box is located in the main office.