Week of February 22, 2015


To-Do: Week of Feb 22

Upcoming Events

  • Monday-Tuesday, Mar. 2-3: Playing and Chair Tests (please see below)
  • Thursday, Mar. 12, 7p: Sr. Recital, Liam Ramsey-White and Ethan Durell
  • Friday, Mar. 13Potluck (click to sign up) and Orchestra Concert
    • DSAO Family Association Potluck
    • 7p: Orchestra Concert, DSA Concert Hall
  • Saturday, Mar. 14, 3p: Orchestra Concert, DSA Concert Hall
  • Wednesday, Mar. 25: Sr. Recitals
    • 5p: Eileen Klawitter and Madison Duffy
    • 7p: Makenzie Wade

From the Top Residency Last Week

Congratulations to DSAO students: Simone Hammett-Lynch, Artur Korotin, Katherine Guerrero, Ben Roberts, and Jordan Walters. These students participated in a four day residency by “From the Top”, the  prestigious National Public Radio  program which features performances by the best young artists in America. Our students performed with  noted movie composer Danny Elfman and pianist/conductor Christopher O’Reilly.  The final performance was recorded in front of a live studio audience and will be broadcasted  nationally  on April 6! The entire From the Top Staff was delighted with our students. We look forward to more collaborations with them.

Playing and Chair Tests 3/2 and 3/3


Please be prepared to play selections from:

Brandenburg no. 3 and Perseus.

Advanced Orchestra

Please be prepared to play selections from:

Marriage of Figaro and “Hoedown”.

Moscow String Quartet:

Lyrical Romance and Ovations

Moscow String Quartet fans, DSA students and parents were treated to a wonderful two-piece performance, perhaps appropriately accompanied by promise of a snowy weekend that fortunately delayed arriving until even the long-distance visitors were home.  The first half of the concert was taken up with Borodin’s String Quartet No. 2, dedicated by Borodin to his wife in remembrance of the date he had first expressed his feelings for her.  The third movement was especially poignant, while the final movement divided into a number of surprising vignettes.

Following intermission, the audience was treated to the “colossal,” “monumental” work that is Taneyev’s piano quintet.  In some ways it felt as if it were a symphony for five instruments, particularly with the grand first movement, massive and full of sound.  The entire piece carries with it tones and rhythms associated with Tchaikovsky especially, and the Russian era of “romantic pessimism.” It has been described as “a work permeated with profound thought and inward pathos.”  The fascinating aspect of this “pathos” is that it is continually counterbalanced by “nimble and airy” segments, particularly in the second movement.  The third movement largo is simply magnificent, and so emotionally compelling.  Then, however, the finale still remains like a tying of the bow (or frosting on the cake).  The performance was well-deserving of the immediate and long standing ovation that followed.  It was a wonderful night.

DSAO Family Potluck on Friday, March 13th, 5:30p-7p

Quarterly Denver School of the Arts Orchestra Family Association (OFA) Family Potluck with New Family Meet and Greet opportunity followed by the DSAO Orchestras Concert!  Our orchestra family has been privileged to be part of and witness fantastic performances this semester and we’d love to celebrate with everyone as we welcome Spring 2015!  Please click on this linkto sign up, and bring your favorite dish to share! 
  • Water and Iced Tea will be provided
  • BYO Beverages if you prefer something else for your family

DSAO Planning for 2015-2016

Please watch for details regarding an upcoming meeting to discuss DSAO travel plans and fundraising for 2015-2016. We plan to schedule this meeting for later March before Spring Break, and we hope all of our families can attend to hear about some of our options for next year. We will be looking for additional support to ensure our travel plans have the best support team possible, so look into the future and think about what you can do to contribute to our DSAO community next year. We look forward to having you!

Should you have any questions or are interested in discussing ways you can help DSAO next year, please contact Deirdre Oss at 303-995-0608 or dsaorchestra1@gmail.com.

Thank you, and let’s look forward to a great DSAO Spring!

Master Mentor/Visiting Artist Program

Your orchestra is so grateful to the 50% of families who have been able to make this commitment thus far.  If you have not given your $300 contribution yet please do so as soon as possible.

Contributions can be made by check or through the DSA Friends Foundation at www.dsafriends.org.  If you can’t make the payment all at once, please do so in monthly installments.   Please make checks payable to DSA Friends Foundation, and put “Orchestra family contribution” or “master mentor” in the memo line.

This is also a fantastic way for family and friends to support your student! Please pass along the dsafriends.org website link to those you know are interested in supporting our programs.

For further information, please visit the OFA Fundraising website.

Investing in DSAO

 Buy groceries, support DSAO

Make sure you purchase a reloadable King Soopers card!  It’s simple, you buy groceries with the card and the orchestra gets 5% back. You can reload it time and time again to keep giving to DSAO.  Please email Carol Fennell for information about purchasing a card.  If you have already purchased a card, don’t forget to reload.  Every time you do, it benefits DSAO!

DSA is collecting Boxtops!

DSA receives free money for each box top turned in.  Please group the box tops in a bag or envelope, and mark them with “Orchestra” so that the funds will come to us.  The collection box is located in the main office.


Click here to view advertising brochure. Please note a change in contact information: Please put “Advertising”  in the subject line and contact dsaorchestra1@gmail.com.  This is also a good way to put a personal message of congratulations for your student, to be displayed in the program.

Volunteer with the OFA!

Thanks so much to all who have signed up to volunteer with OFA.  Parent support and fundraising are critical to our program. The OFA Executive Team is seeking parents who can assist in particular with advertising layout or with contacting businesses to inform them about advertising opportunities in our programs.  Please contact Jeff Volkert by email or phone: 303-881-9327.

There is still a position open for historian as well.  Please visit BringIt to sign up for this opportunity.