Week of April 23, 2017

Summary Headlines – Please Read

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  • Chamber Concert Friday!
    • Come see the fruits of our students’ work and listen to exceptional music.
    • Students required to attend; families encouraged.
  • DSA Fill the Gap campaign
  • Theta work and High school writing assignments below are due May 15

To Do Week of April 23, 2017

  • Fri, Apr. 28, 2017, 7p, Concert Hall: Chamber Concert

Upcoming Events

  • Fri, May 12, 2017, 7p, Concert Hall: Disney/Pops Orchestra  Concert
  • Sat, May 13, 2017, 7p, Concert Hall: Disney/Pops Orchestra  Concert
  • Sun, May 14, 2017, 3p, Concert Hall: Disney/Pops Orchestra  Concert

Chamber Concert Friday

7p, Concert Hall

All DSAO students required to attend.

Come celebrate the hard work of our chamber ensembles, so important to the growth of our students into mature, confident, leading and listening musicians.  The program will include Haydn “Lark” Quartet, Bartok Violin Trios, Mozart e minor Sonata, Beethoven Spring Sonata, Beethoven op. 127 (!!) Cavatina and Alla Tedesca, Bach c minor double violin concerto, Geminiani Violin Trio, Dvorak Terzetto, Dvorak Piano Quintet, Boccherini Fandango, Lutoslawski “Silesian Melodies”, Vivaldi B minor 4 violin concerto, and Mozart Clarinet Quintet.


Please bring the following items by grade for concessions at these concerts:

6: water, juice or sodas
7: chips and fruit (pre-packaged apple slices are great!)
8: cookies/pastries (preferably pre-packaged)
9: candy/candy bars
10: water, juice or sodas
11: cookies/pastries (preferably pre-packaged)

Seniors are exempt from donations requirements unless you wish to contribute.

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The actual cost of educating a DSA student with a comprehensive arts/academic education is $6,250, however the estimated 2017-18 DPS allocation for DSA students is $4,978 per student. So we are faced with a gap in fully funding a nationally competitive arts and academic education. This gap is $1,272 per student.

With all DSA parents coming together to Fill the Gap with a monthly, unrestricted contribution, we will be able to provide the quality educational programs in the arts and academics that our students deserve. A school-wide culture of philanthropy is essential to the success of our students, and fulfilling our mission…and together we will be stronger!

Your support of the Fill the Gap Campaign is greatly appreciated!  CLICK HERE to donate.

Homework Assignments

Please read carefully.  Below is written work for high school as well as theta assignments for middle and high school.  Thank you so much!

High School Dvorak 8 analysis Due May 15

Please analyze  first  mov. in terms of SONATA FORM. For this particular assignment please don’t use a lot of descriptive words. I’m interested in the following:

1. How  does Dvorak use sonata form? (He adheres to it but also changes some things).  Please identify the first theme group (which measures in the movement?) , second theme group, closing theme, development, recap and coda.
2. Identify the keys of all the above sections. Dvorak does some interesting things with the harmony!
3. How does Dvorak use thematic transformation? He does a lot of it!

Again, this should be a one page assignment with lots of symbols and not so many words. Please focus on the form, harmony and usage of motives, fragments etc..(thematic transformation)


High School: Please complete an additional 60 levels by May 15.

Middle School: Please complete an additional 40 levels by May 15.

  • Juries: This year all students except Seniors will be required to play juries. The jury will consist of two scales (same requirements as DSA auditions-see website under:apply) and one movement of a major solo piece.  Juries will begin after the final concerts in May.
  • Seniors are required to present a senior recital. See Dr. Lasansky if you have questions.

Summer Camp

July 10-14, 2017

Please see website (CLICK HERE) for further information.

This year the camp will take place at Park Hill Methodist Church.  The regular session begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at noon.  Children who wish to stay for the Rock ‘n Roll orchestra will finish the day at 1:30 p.m.

Camp Structure

Each day of camp is divided into ensemble playing with coaching, orchestra, and a fun theory class. All camp events take place at Park Hill United Methodist Church at 5209 Montview Blvd.


In the coaching session, participants will rehearse their small group music pieces in their small groups, led by a member of the camp staff. Playing in small groups is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the camp, as it forces the players to depend on each other.



Javan Carson conducts the orchestra. All students play in the orchestra together. Students will improve upon their orchestra skills in the chamber orchestra format.


Theory class is geared toward fun. Too often, theory has come to mean passive learning. Theory at the Denver Chamber Music Camp means participation, games, and more.

Rock-n-Roll Orchestra

Rock Orchestra is also led by Javan Carson. Rock orchestra incorporates classical technique with rock music. It also teaches the participants how to be more versatile musicians. Denver Chamber Music Camp participants are not required to participate in the rock orchestra.

Investing in DSAO

Attention Business Owners – Friends and Family!

Please consider promoting your business (or promoting your friend’s business) in this year’s remaining DSAO concert programs. (CLICK HERE for brochure). Advertising money helps fund the orchestra program, and has the added bonus of helping our families and friends promote their businesses!

Ad Submittals: It’s incredibly easy to submit advertising artwork/logos/business cards via email to Mark Herlinger, our advertising and program graphic designer. If you need assistance designing your advertisement, Mark will help you with that too! For questions about graphic guidelines to submit advertisements, please contact markherlinger@gmail.com.

Payment: Via check – Once payment is received (please turn in checks to Tracy Holt, DSA Arts Secretary in the Front Office) the advertisement will be placed in the program which is printed for all major orchestra concerts throughout the year.

Buy groceries, support DSAO

Make sure you purchase a reloadable King Soopers card! It’s simple to get started with a $2.50 card.  Each time you reload the card, DSAO gets 5% back! No hidden costs!  Everyone buys groceries, so it a very easy way for friends and family to contribute as well. You may email Carol Fennell for information about purchasing a card, or pick up a card at the next concert’s concession table .

DSA is collecting Boxtops!

DSA receives free money for each box top turned in.  Please group the box tops in a bag or envelope, and mark them with “Orchestra” so that the funds will come to us.  The collection box is located in the main office.


Friday  5/12     Disney/Pops Orchestra  Concert 7:00 PM  Concert Hall
Sat.     5/13   Disney/Pops Orchestra Concert  7:00 PM  Concert Hall
Sunday 5/14   Disney/Pops Orchestra Concert  3:00 PM  Concert Hall