Volunteer Opportunities


Second Annual Winter Orchestra Silent Auction.

Saturday, December 10th 


Do you have a special talent?  Does everyone rave about your homemade cheesecake?  Do you have memorabilia stuffed in a box in some closet collecting dust?  Do you own a condo that you could share for a weekend, or drive Uber, make art or tutor?

Consider donating your items, time (adults or students) and talent for our Winter Silent Auction. A few ideas might be…..cookie baking and decorating with kids, jewelry making workshop, cooking a meal, cooking lesson, jewelry handmade or jewelry no longer needed, artwork, sports memorabilia, babysitting, massage, give a lesson or mentor a student. Ask the concert hall, restaurant you frequent or the coffee shop you swing by each morning to donate a little something for our kids.   Items can be purchased, found or donated in the themes below (suggestions only) and will be put into baskets for the auction.

*We are asking that each family donate to our Orchestra Silent Auction.
All proceeds go directly back to the orchestra department to fund the Master Mentor program.

Basket Themes by grades (You do NOT have to stick to these themes; these are to generate ideas!)

6th grade- Food/Restaurant- Fast food, slow food, cooking, gift certificates

7th grade- Movie night/ shopping

8th grade- Lottery

9th grade- Fitness, outdoor, indoor, spa

10th grade- It’s a wrap (holiday items, wrapping supplies, gift ideas)

11th grade- Travel

12th grade- Gardening

The following tax document should be passed along to our generous donors:
DSAO Donor Tax Document

The following donation form will help us track and manage donations:
Silent Auction Donation Form

*We are also looking for any baskets or bags that you are no longer using!  Contact Carolfennellart@gmail.com for info.

Winter Silent Auction Volunteer Team 

    • This is a wonderful event that is really fun to plan and set up, and lots of fun to watch in action at our first Winter concert in December!  Be part of the team! This team, led by Carol Fennell, will help organize our fun Winter Concert Silent Auction event. Please click on this link for the Winter Auction coordinator sign up:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054ba9a92aa5f94-201620171

Call for Volunteers

We volunteer our time as members of the DSA Orchestra family because of our concerts and the work required to help our kids grow in their understanding of, and passion for, music and art more generally.

It takes a village! Get to know your fellow DSAO parents and sign up to help out! Just a little time from you results in a MAJOR win for the DSAO!

Please go to this link to help out! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054ba9a92aa5f94-201620171