About The Orchestra Family Association

OFA LogoETThe Orchestra Family Association (OFA) works to ensure all Orchestra department events run smoothly, and that fundraising successfully supports the needs of our musicians.

The many activities and efforts of the OFA are planned with your help at meetings throughout the year.

Organized by teams, OFA relies on your involvement for its success. Many opportunities exist throughout each year for families to volunteer small amounts of their time, and sign-up sheets are always available at dsaorchestra.org. We thank you for being part of the DSAO family!

Welcome Melinda Kunzler, DSAO Family Association Volunteer Coordinator
The DSAO Family Association welcomes Melinda Kunzler as our new Volunteer Coordinator! She is responsible for ensuring all of the sign-ups and volunteer requests are up to date and she keeps an eye on where we need support. Our parent volunteers leading concessions, ushering, potlucks, the Winter Silent Auction, and other FUN-draising activities should first contact Melinda for any questions about adding sign-ups or sending out bulletins related to volunteer requests. You can reach Melinda at melinda_kunzler@email.com.

2016-2017 OFA Executive Team

  • Administrative Assistant: Terrie Tyree
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Melinda Kunzler
  • Treasurer: Terrie Tyree/Lisa Bassow-Scheve
  • Travel Coordinator Team Lead: TBA
  • DSA Friends Foundation Liaison: Dana Cohen
  • Communications Manager: Nick Jackson
  • Website Coordinator: Anne Sarsen
  • Student Leadership
    • Greer Ramsey-White
    • Arianna Montoya-Garcia
    • Hannah Lindberg
    • Artur Korotin
    • Simone Hammet-Lynch