Master Mentors

The DSAO Master Mentor program provides students with a broad range of musical perspectives and expertise with the intention of expanding their world-view of the arts.

Thanks so much for the talented Master Mentors that help our DSAO students each week.

Robyn Julyan
Benjamin Tomkins
Matt Diekman
David Short
Joy Adams
Ann Marie Liss
Lydia Sviatlovskaya
Zack Reaves
Andy Rainer
Greg Abrell
Brett Armstrong

Visiting Artists

DSAO members are fortunate to experience first-hand some of the top performers, composers and pedagogues in the music industry. Throughout the school year, we invite musicians from around the world to work with our students. Their time at our school is usually brief, ranging from a few hours to a few days, but their impact on our students is far reaching, often lasting a lifetime. Funding for the DSAO Visiting Artist program relies solely on contributions and fundraising.