High School Assignments

First Assignment: Handbook Contract (200 pts) Due Thurs 8/22

Each student and her/his parents or legal guardians are required to read and agree to the terms presented in this handbook. The handbook acknowledgement contract at the end of this document can be turned in at the Back to School night on 8/22/19. Otherwise please e-mail it to Administrative Assistant Terrie Tyree:tyreeworld@centurylink.net by 8/22/19. This form will constitute the first assignment and it is worth 200 pts if it’s turned in on time. If you have any questions regarding the information contained here, please feel free to contact Dr. Lasansky

Fall 2019 Seating Auditions – High School

Monday, August 26th

·       Violas: Db Major and Eb melodic minor three octaves

·       All others: Ab Major and Bb melodic minor scale three octaves

·       A solo piece demonstrating technical and lyric passages.

·       Play scales with full tone. The solo piece should not be played in its entirety