DSAO Newsletter Week of November 25, 2018

Chamber Concert November 30

Student Attendance Required

Preview Mornings Begin This Week

Volunteers Still Needed!

Summary Headlines – Please Read

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  • Fall Chamber Concert this Friday
    • All DSAO students required to attend and support fellow performers
    • Students please check in with Terrie
    • Please see below for concessions contributions by year
  • Preview Mornings: We need more volunteers for Monday and Wednesday this week especially, but all mornings have slots available.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  • Winter Orchestra Concert and Silent Auction in two weeks!  Information below (CLICK HERE)
  • The Orchestra Closet is Open and Available!
  • URGENT: Please Fund Our Master Mentors!  Please contribute what you can so that DSAO can reach 100% participation.
  • Please review ASTA Travel Reminders Below!
  • ASTA Master Class Opportunities and other ASTA News
  • Don’t forget to reload your King Soopers card; 5% goes for this year’s ASTA trips.
    • Cards can be purchased for $2.50 (the amount pre-loaded on the cards) from Terrie Tyree at school.
  • Please note: CMEA Honor Performance, January 26, 9am Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs.
  • Make sure that you like and share the DSAO Facebook page, especially when we have upcoming events!
  • Please make sure that your email addresses are updated

To Do Week of November 25

  • Friday, November 30, 7p: Chamber Concert

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, December 8, 7p: Orchestra Concert
  • Sunday, December 9, 3p: Orchestra Concert


Chamber Concert

November 30, 7p

All DSAO students are required to attend and support our fellow classmates, as indicated in the DSAO handbook.  This will affect your grade, and so please make sure that you check in with Terrie.
We also need to restock our concessions, and so please bring concessions as indicated by the class levels below.  Thank you so much for your contributions!


Please bring the following items by grade for concessions at these concerts:
6: water, juice or sodas
7: chips and fruit (pre-packaged apple slices are great!)
8: cookies/pastries (preferably pre-packaged)
9: candy/candy bars
10: water, juice or sodas
11: cookies/pastries (preferably pre-packaged)

Seniors are exempt from donations requirements unless you wish to contribute.


2018 – 2019 Preview Mornings Tour Guides Needed!

Dear Parents,

DSA preview days are fast approaching, and we need your help to sell our fantastic orchestra program to prospective students!

Do you remember what it was like when you were first considering DSA for your student?  How much you appreciated the insights and words of advice you got from your DSA parent-tour guide?  Well, it’s time to pay it forward!

Just a few hours of your time may help us recruit more instrumentalists for the orchestra.  (We especially need cellos in middle school! Hint. Hint.)

Missed preview training?  No worries!  Ms. Odom’s training session is viewable on youtube.  Please contact Melinda Kunzler our preview coordinator for the link or any further questions you may have!

So, please, please sign up for this week’s positions (CLICK HERE) so that we can ensure the orchestra is well represented over the next few weeks as DSA welcomes families considering enrolling their talented kiddos in our very special school.

Thank you Orchestra Family!

DSA Orchestra’s Winter Concert, Silent Auction and Dinner

Only two weeks away!

Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Hello Orchestra Family!

Can you believe our winter concert and silent auction is only 2 weeks away?  As our largest fundraiser of the year, we need your help to ensure its success!  What’s required? We need a few willing volunteers to help set up before the concert, help manage intermission auction bidding, post-concert auction payments, and then finally, a helpful clean up crew. Please contact Carol Fennell our auction coordinator with any questions!  She will provide all instruction and direction necessary, so don’t fear new tasks-we’ll all learn together!

DSAO 2018 Winter Silent Auction Volunteers

This year, we will be hosting another wonderful dinner prior to the auction.  No need to cook, come join us for a cozy meal and support our orchestra at the same time! We need your RSVP by Tuesday, December 4th so please RSVP as soon as possible!

2018 Winter Silent Auction Dinner RSVP

Please see below for details

5:30 Dinner and Silent auction before concert.

NO need to cook! Come and enjoy a winter soup and salad dinner before the concert. Details to come.

Be a part of our orchestra community for this great event to raise money for our educational and travel fund!

*Step 1. Donation: We ask that each family donate something to our Orchestra Silent Auction (does not need to be a complete basket). Share your special talent, memorabilia that is collecting dust, a weekend in the condo that you own, lessons, tutoring, or handmade art or jewelry. OR ask the concert hall, restaurant or coffee shop you frequent to donate something or a gift card for our kids. Items collected will be put into a variety of baskets for the auction.

*Step 2. Use this TAX FORM for businesses that donate.

*Step 3. Attach ITEM FORM to your collected items and drop it in Dr L’s office by December 3rd.

*Step 4. RSVP for dinner and come early to bid on auction items before the concert!

($9/adults and $7 student/child).

Need to get the creative juices flowing? You can choose to bring items that fit a theme below or bring something entirely different.


Food/Restaurant- Fast food, slow food, cooking, gift certificates

Movie night/shopping (movie tickets, shop certificates, popcorn)

Fun in the Sun or Night under the Stars (Outdoor adventures, live theater etc)

Spa, pamper (massage, spas, lotions, soaps)

Home and Garden

Creativity Unleashed (art, lessons, handmade ornaments, knitting, jewelry)

Music to My Ears (music themed items)

Holiday Cheer

Family Day- Passes, museum tickets, zoo, board games

****We are always looking for baskets or bags that you no longer need!

QUESTIONS: Contact Carolfennellart@gmail.com or ha.hampton@gmail.com for info.

ASTA in Albuquerque Travel Reminders
March 6 – 10, 2019

Thank you to all the parents and students who joined us recently for the travel meeting.  The meeting was very well attended, and we believe many questions were answered.  If you were unable to attend the meeting, links for the agenda (CLICK HERE), cost breakdown (CLICK HERE), and preliminary itinerary  (CLICK HERE) are provided for your convenience.  Please note that the itinerary is preliminary only and will change as we add activities and refine the days’ plans.  Likewise, the cost breakdown is our best estimate at this time and may change if circumstances and bids change as the trip approaches.

A few items that require immediate attention:

1)  Trip Payments:  The first 2 of 4 installment payments for the trip are past due.  Payments should be made online through the My Schoolbucks site or app.  If you are unable to pay online, you may send a check payable to DPS to Terrie.  Please make your payment ASAP so that we have the cash on hand to make our payments to ASTA.  Because of a change in the bus quote, we had to revise the payment schedule.  The new payment schedule is:High School


10/12/18        255.00

11/12/18        255.00

12/12/18        256.00

1/12/19          257.00

Total                1023.00


$125 to be brought for food



Middle School


10/12/18        255.00

11/12/18        255.00

12/12/18        255.00

1/12/19          255.00

Total                1020.00


$125 to be brought for food

All payments will be due on the 12th of the month for the next 4 months.

2)  Forms:  The Consent to Emergency Treatment and Durable Power of Attorney forms are required for any off-campus trip.  These forms must be turned into Terrie by December 1, 2018 in order for your child to be allowed on the trip.  These forms can be found on the DSAO website under travel.  In addition, the ASTA Photo Release is required by ASTA.  This form is also available on the DSAO website under travel.

Orchestra Closet  Open – Accepting Donations!

The DSAO orchestra closet stores outgrown but still very wearable concert attire donated by orchestra families.  This clothing and formal attire is available to any orchestra family for outfitting their growing musician. Let us know if you are in need of anything from the closet.

Now that we are into concert season has your musician managed to outgrow all of that fabulous concert attire? Don’t let those items collect dust in the back of their closet.

Donate them. We are always accepting donations of concert attire for the closet.

We have collection boxes in the orchestra room throughout the school year.

So send in those outgrown suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, bow ties, cummerbunds, dresses, tops, skirts, pants and shoes and we will add them to our growing closet.

Have a clothing request from the closet or have questions?

Contact Chris Engel (cengel_md@yahoo.com)

DSAO King Soopers Cards are Now Available

Terri Tyree has a new batch of King Soopers Cards, ready for pickup! Please note that the cards come loaded with $2.50, which is what we charge for them.  Correct change is appreciated, or alternatively feel free to write a check, made payable to DPS.   Students can bring in the money & come see me and I will give them the card(s).
More information is below.  Thank you so much!

Dear DSAO Families,

With travel in our near future, we are excited to announce that new King Soopers gift cards are available.  The money we earn from our King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card fundraiser go into specific student travel accounts (based on card ownership & use) and will be used towards their Orchestra travel expenses.

Each time you reload your King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card (must be purchased through DSAO for $2.50 – which is the amount already loaded on the card), 5% of each reloading (up to $500) is awarded to DSAO, and we will track it for you and your student.  That is 5 cents on every dollar you spend without costing you anything!  Even a small amount can help when it comes time to pay for our ASTA trip.  King Soopers send DSAO a check each time the reloads reach $5,000 or more, and that is when your students travel account will be credited with the amount earned.  There is no cash value attached to the account, it is for DSAO fundraising only.  Funds may follow the student from year to year providing they stay in the Orchestra.  Once the student graduates, or leaves the Orchestra, the funds will be transferred to the DSAO travel scholarship fund, or may be transferred to a sibling within the Orchestra.  Funds are not issued to the departing student or family.

Cards may be used at any Kings Soopers and City Market stores and can be used for many types of purchases including groceries, prescriptions, and gasoline.  They cannot be used to purchase lottery tickets, stamps, money transactions, gift cards and other types of tickets.

Once you’ve purchased your card from DSAO, You simply give the card to your cashier before your purchases are scanned so the reloading is paid as a separate transaction (or you can do this at the Customer Service before making your purchases).  You pay for the reload amount by cash, check or credit card. You can then use the Gift Card to pay for your purchases at any checkout line or fuel center. You can reload again and again.   The more you use it, the more money is earned for your student.  The money on the card never expires: However, if your balance goes to zero and you don’t reload it within 90 days, the card becomes inactive. You would then need to get a new card from DSAO.  If you reload it after it is inactive, your student will not get credit for the reloads.

When DSAO plans a trip, and money is due, we will send you the balance in your students trip account to apply toward the amount due for that trip.

King Soopers cards will be available prior to each concert in May.

If you have questions please contact Terrie Tyree at tyreeworld@centurylink.net or Lisa Scheve at lbassow@comcast.net.

Thank you!

Master Classes for Hands-on Learning

Observe expert clinicians as they work with top-quality students to hone and refine their performance. Bring your instrument and join the instruction. It’s a great learning opportunity for teachers and students alike.

Pre-collegiate and collegiate master classes include violin, viola, cello, and bass. Multi-level master classes include eclectic styles and chamber music.

Learn more about master class clinicians.

Know a student or interested in being a student for a master class? Apply today, and no later than Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Make sure that your Emails are updated

It is very important that each family have at least one email address that is actively monitored for DSAO news.  Email is the primary source of up-to-date information.  Please click the appropriate link at the bottom or reply to this email if an address needs to be deleted (“unsubscribe from this list”), changed (“update subscription preferences”) or added.  Thank you so much.


Fall Chamber Concert

Friday, Nov 30, 7pm

Winter Concert

Saturday, Dec 8, 7pm
Sunday, Dec 9, 3pm

CMEA Honor Performance

January 26: 9am Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs.

Spring ConcertSaturday, Mar 2, 7pm
Sunday, Mar 3, 3pm

ASTA NOF in Albuquerque 

March 6-9

Spring Chamber Concert

Friday, Apr 26, 7pm

Spring Orchestra Concert

Saturday, May 4, 7pm
Sunday, May 5, 3pm