DSAO News and Updates – Week of March 25, 2018

Happy Spring!

Summary Headlines – Please Read!

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  •  Recognition of DSA Middle School Orchestra from ASTA e-newsletter
    • Thank you again to all who made our award-winning trips possible.
  •  Playing test preparation instructions below
  •  Please note that the May 12 Spring Orchestra Concert time has changed in the newsletter, to 7p.
  •  Updated information regarding Senior Recitals

Upcoming Events

  • Fri. Apr 27, 7p: Spring Chamber Concert
  • Sat. May 12, 7p: Spring Orchestra Concert
  • Sun. May 13, 3p: Spring Orchestra Concert

Senior Recitals

Aana Rase – April 6th, 7p

Mia Herlinger – April 15th at the Oriental Theatre,

  • Doors open at 6 pm, show starts at 7p
  • Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door
  • All proceeds go to the DSAO scholarship fund

Alicia Rey-Miller and Josh McClendon – April 30, 7p

Hannah Lindberg – May 7, 7p

Tony Golden – May 23rd, 6p at Dazzle Jazz Club

Playing Test Preparation

Playing test excerpts for Middle School 

Violin I:
Bartok 2nd.  movement bar 17-end.
4th. mov.  bars 3-18

Adagio for strings bars 47-51

Violin II:
Bartok 6 to end

Adagio for Strings 4-5

Bartok: VII movement. Number 7 to the end

Adagio for Strings: Number 2 to number 3.

Troika: Pickup to measure 55 to measure 63

Adagio for strings 3-5

Bartok “Poarga Romaneasca” 5 to the end

Adagio for Strings beginning

Bartok mov. 5-Number 5 to the end

High School Orchestra:

Study for playing test on 4/5

Review Wagner, Ellington. De Falla and have this music for recording sessions on 4/3 and 4/4.

From the most recent ASTA e-newsletter:

2018 National
Festival Winners

We are pleased to announce the grand champions of the ASTA 2018 National Orchestra Festival, held March 8-10 in Atlanta, Georgia.
High School Grand Champion
Moanalua High School
Symphony Orchestra
Honolulu, Hawaii
Elden Seta, Director
Middle School Grand Champion
Denver School of the Arts
Middle School Sinfonia
Denver, Colorado
Enrique Lasansky, Director
The 2018 National Orchestra Festival included 28 ensembles from 15 states.

This is a great opportunity to once again convey our thank yous to all who made these trips possible this year.

Thank you to Dr L for his tireless work on every aspect of student preparation, score and competition selection, and at the end directing our students in multiple award-winning performances.

Thank you to the master mentors for making sure that students are well-equipped with the finer individual and interactive skills necessary to perform at such high levels.

Thank you to the chaperones for making sure that our kids were safe, well-fed, well-attired and well-behaved as they traveled by plane and bus across the country:

  • Middle School: Sharon Felser, Laurie Ivey, Wil Rickards & James Lobato
  • High School: Lisa Scheve, Keven Scheve, Alenka Han, Heidi Martin, Eva Marie (Rea) Schultz, and Terrie Tyree

Thank you finally and especially to the students and parents for your commitment to excellence and the sacrifice of financial resources that make these trips viable.    Your dedication to the arts make us all so proud and grateful!

Mia’s Senior recital – rock, pop, bluegrass, classical

April 15th, 6:30p – Oriental Theater

  • Tickets $10 in advance. $15 at the door
  • All proceeds will be donated to the DSA Orchestra scholarship fund 
  • Tickets available at www.MiaAsano.com under ‘events’ (credit, debit and PayPal accepted) or hard copies can be directly purchased from Mia

Orchestra Closet  Open – Accepting Donations!

We are continuing to accept donations of concert attire for the DSAO orchestra closet.

Has your musician managed to outgrow all of that fabulous concert attire that you have purchased?  Don’t let those items collect dust in the back of their closet. Donate them to the DSAO orchestra closet.

We have collection boxes in the orchestra room, and so please send those outgrown suits, tuxedos, shirts, bow ties, cummerbunds, dresses, tops, skirts, pants, shoes (anything really) in.  We started our orchestra concert closet so that we could store outgrown but still very wearable concert attire donated by orchestra families.  This clothing and formal attire is available to any orchestra family prior to each concert for outfitting their growing musician.)

Questions or requests contact Chris Engel (cengel_md@yahoo.com)

DSAO King Soopers Fundraising

Dear DSAO Families,

It is always important to remember that, when you shop at King Soopers you are also able to help the orchestra with ongoing expenses, even as our trips have come and gone for this year (Congratulations again to Dr L, staff, chaperones and especially the students!)

Each time you reload your King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card (must be purchased through DSAO for $2.50 – which is the amount already loaded on the card), 5% of each reloading (up to $500) is awarded to DSAO, and we will track it for you and your student.  That is 5 cents on every dollar you spend without costing you anything!  Even a small amount can help when it comes time to pay for trips.  King Soopers sends DSAO a check each time the reloads reach $5,000 or more, and that is when your students travel account will be credited with the amount earned.  There is no cash value attached to the account, it is for DSAO fundraising only.  Funds may follow the student from year to year providing they stay in the Orchestra.  Once the student graduates, or leaves the Orchestra, the funds will be transferred to the DSAO travel scholarship fund, or may be transferred to a sibling within the Orchestra.  Funds are not issued to the departing student or family.

Cards may be used at any Kings Soopers and City Market stores and can be used for many types of purchases including groceries, prescriptions, and gasoline.  They cannot be used to purchase lottery tickets, stamps, money transactions, gift cards and other types of tickets.

Once you’ve purchased your card from DSAO, You simply give the card to your cashier before your purchases are scanned so the reloading is paid as a separate transaction (or you can do this at the Customer Service before making your purchases).  You pay for the reload amount by cash, check or credit card. You can then use the Gift Card to pay for your purchases at any checkout line or fuel center. You can reload again and again.   The more you use it, the more money is earned for your student.  The money on the card never expires: However, if your balance goes to zero and you don’t reload it within 90 days, the card becomes inactive. You would then need to get a new card from DSAO.  If you reload it after it is inactive, your student will not get credit for the reloads.

When DSAO plans a trip, and money is due, we will send you the balance in your students trip account to apply toward the amount due for that trip.

If you have questions please contact Terrie Tyree at tyreeworld@centurylink.net or Lisa Scheve at lbassow@comcast.net.

Thank you!