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Fundraising at DSAO!

This information should provide a clear explanation of the DSA Orchestra’s financial requirements and give you details on how we intend to fulfill these requirements for the 2016-2017 school year. First, it is important that we acknowledge our common goal: we all want this orchestra program to be outstanding. In order to do this, we must fund the Master Mentor program and the Visiting Artists program.  For those of you who are new to the orchestra, Master Mentors are professional musicians who coach DSA Orchestra students during the school day. The Master Mentor program is the primary differentiator between DSA’s orchestra program and other schools’ orchestra programs. Master Mentors make it possible for our kids to achieve the ambitious musical requirements of the DSA Orchestra. Visiting Artists are soloists/master teachers who come to DSA to give specialized workshops and present concerts. DSAO is an institution where students come into contact with nationally and internationally known artists. The reality is that Denver Public Schools (DPS) does not contribute to funding for Master Mentors or Visiting Artists.  We must raise this money.  In order to run the orchestra in the excellent fashion we all collectively expect, we must raise $40,000 per academic year. In order to reach this fundraising goal, we look to several sources.  Most importantly, we look to the suggested financial contribution from each of our orchestra families. The amount of this contribution is $350 per family.  We are keeping the amount the same as the last four years. Your contribution may be given in a lump sum, or in installments over the course of the school year. If each of our 79-orchestra families were able to make the suggested contribution, we would have $27,650 for these programs. Therefore we will need to do additional fundraising to fill the gap.  This additional fundraising takes the form of ticket sales at concerts (roughly $1,500 per concert), food sales at concerts (roughly $200 per concert), and other fundraising. This year, we would like to plan a silent auction that we hope will raise substantial funds. We will count on your participation in these efforts, as well as additional fundraising efforts that we may undertake.  However, if your family wishes to contribute at the level of $500 or higher, you will be exempt from further fundraising activities.

 How to Make a Contribution. To make your contribution, please take one of the following steps:

  • Access the DSA Friends Foundation website.   In the “Please direct my donation to:” box make sure you select “Orchestra Department”.  This website enables you to give as a one-time or recurring payment.
  • Alternatively, you may deliver a check made out to DSA Friends Foundation with “Orchestra” in the Memo line, to Tracy Holt or Lisa Sacker in the main office.

All donations received through DSAFF will be acknowledged with a tax letter and are 100% tax deductible. Donations of $500 or more that are made through DSAFF will be listed as a sponsor during the school year. (Please note that DSAFF does not accept any travel money.)

This is a fantastic way for family and friends to support your student! Please pass along the dsafriends.org website link to those you know are interested in supporting our programs, and have them follow the same instructions posted above.

Thank you for your commitment to our orchestra program.  We can imagine no better investment in your child’s musical education than this.  If you have questions about fundraising for DSA Orchestra, please direct them to Melinda Kunzler at melinda_kunzler@email.com.

Passive Fundraisers Did you know that “passive fundraising” programs help support the Orchestra Department? With minimal effort, and with no additional cost, these programs kick-back money to the general orchestra. Thanks for your support!

Advertise in the DSAO Color Concert Programs!

Please see the links below to print out advertising brochures and forms to share with local community advertisers as well as national corporate contacts.

Click HERE for the DSA Advertising Submission Form

Click HERE for the DSAO Advertising Brochure

House Parties Concerts and More…

House parties and small house concerts are a great way to attract donors now and into the future. IF you would like to schedule a quartet to perform at your next special occasion, please contact Chari Pashman at kcdawg@comcast.net.

Past Events:

One of DSA’s quartets provided fantastic entertainment for attendees at the Cohen’s House Fundraiser Chamber Concert on November 1st 2014 for the DSAO’s Master Mentor and Visiting Artist program. Quartet from left: Simone Hammett-Lynch, Artur Korotina, Grayson Dixon, Mackenzie Wade